Auzcarspa is dedicated for the maintenance of your car. Whether it’s maintaining the shine of your exterior, or detailing and freshening up the interior, we will be available with the service at your doorstep. All you need to do is register on our Auzcarspa app & order from our wide range of services from a quick shine to an all over detail, and fix an appointment at your convenient time. We provide the service at your doorstep!!


Explore Our Awesome Services

Our Services

Complete Wash Solution

We provide complete car wash solution with the best in line techniques, maintaining the exterior & interior of your car depending on your selection from our wide range of Packages . 

  1. Complete Body Wash
  2. Total Dashboard Shine
  3. Full Interior Maintenance
  4. From Hood to Trunk
  5. Wheel & Tire Shine

Wax & Shine Solution

Our services include Wax & shine solutions to your car both from exterior & interior. The service is done with best equipment by professionals.

  1. Complete Body Wax
  2. Dashboard Wax & Shine
  3. Full Interior Shine

Total Detailing Solution

By Total Detailing Solution we make your car look as good as new. Complete detailing with wax & shine , both exterior & interior including seats, floor carpet & foot mats .

  1. Total Body Wax
  2. Head & Tail Lights Shine
  3. Total Interior Shine
  4. Clean Floor Carpet
  5. Clean Foot Mats
  6. Wheel & Tire Polish


At your Doorstep

The most unique thing about our service is you can avail our services at your doorstep.

Best Quality Solutions

To maintain and protect your car we do not compromise on Quality.

At your Convenience

Our another most interesting feature is you can make an appointment at your convenient time.

One Stop Solution

We provide you a ONE STOP SOLUTION for your car maintenance. Wash, Polish, Shine & Complete detailing from Hood to Trunk.

Competitive Price

Our customers can avail all our services at their convenient place and at their convenient time and much more at a very reasonable & competitive price

Professional Staff

Be relaxed and stress free as our staff is well trained & experienced with the best art of work in the field.

Affordable Price

Basic Plus Starting from INR 550/-

  • Body Shampoo & Wash
  • Internal Cleaning
  • Trunk Cleaning
  • Dashboard Cleaning

Advance Starting from INR 850/-

  • Advance Internal Cleaning (Incl. Stains Removal)
  • Dashboard Polishing
  • Tire & RIM Polishing

Premium Starting from INR 1250/-

  • Full Body Polishing
  • Cloth Seats Cleaning
  • OR
  • Leather Seats Polishing
  • Advance Floor & Matt Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Auzcarspa? OKay

Auzcarspa is a privately owned Limited company, which offers car wash & detailing services to its customers at their convenient place, day & time. Its offers services in a form of various packages from basic, advance & premium service.

What are the services provided by Auzcarspa?

The services provided by Auzcarspa includes total car wash both exterior & interior and complete detailing service including exterior body polish, interior dashboard polish, leather seats polish, complete floor cleaning, stain removals etc. Our services do not include engine cleaning or any mechanical or electrical services.

How do I avail the services of Auzcarspa?

To avail the services rendered by Auzcarspa, all you need do is to register yourself through our mobile application and book an appointment and we will be there to serve you.

How do I register?

Registering on Auzcarspa is very simple & easy. Just add your name, email id & your mobile number and you will be registered and can have your personal login profile.

What if I want to change my appointment?

Should you wish to reschedule the appointment, you can do it through your login profile. Just go to “My Appointments” and click on the current appointment and select “Reschedule Appointment”.

What if I want to upgrade my service package?

Should you wish to upgrade the package, you can do it through your login profile. Just go to “My Appointments” and click on the current appointment and select “Upgrade Package”.

Can I make a online payment?

Yes, Auzcarspa offers various Online payment gateways to its customers through which they can make their payments.

Can I make a cash payment?

Yes, should any customer wishes to pay cash, you can do it by selecting cash option at the end of the service.

What if I have to make a complaint?

You can make your complaints & grievances by writing to us on: or by calling us on 0091 901 025 6593

What are privacy policy and terms & condition to use Auzcarspa?

In order to know more about privacy policy kindly click here and to know about terms of use please click here.